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Payroll Time Clock Integration

Clock In, Clock Out and Process Payroll with Time Clock Integration

Stop Entering Employees’ Payroll Hours Twice and Doubling Your Chance for Errors

Now you can simply import payroll information from your time and attendance system into your TM Payroll account, saving time and vastly reducing the potential for data entry errors.

Available as a monthly or per-payroll subscription, Time Clock Integration works in conjunction with your existing time clock software or system to incorporate your employees' time and attendance information into TM Payroll. It allows you simple, per-pay-period exports that take seconds to complete, and the integration supports both hourly and salaried employees’ payroll hours.

Time Clock Integration provides you:

  • Simple, per-pay-period import of time clock records.
  • Support for hourly and salaried employees’ payroll hours.
  • Convenient monthly or per-payroll subscription options.
  • Integration with the most widely used time clock providers.


Want to take your time and attendance process paperless? TM Payroll Services’  RunPayroll partners with a number of reputable time and attendance companies, including:


Make online payroll even more powerful